Saturday, 9 January 2010

When life brings you shelves ...

and the weather brings you snow...
make a sledge !!

I was clearing out my 'shed' which is really a large cupboard on the landing near my flat...and came across some shelves the last tenant had left in there and i'd not thrown out incase one day i needed..lots of shelves ?!

anyhow... i decided it was more than time to clear out...but i am a great believer in making the best of what you have... ssssoooo

i found this lovely little how to online and thought i'd give it ago...

trimmed a curve into the bottom corner of the matching shelves..

drill holes a third of the way down for threading slats.. drag out aluminum sheet also in shed... screw into bottoms of runners and hammer to smooth and curve over edges.

saw other shelf into slats...

tack one to each end of runners..

figure 8 not rope around tacked slat...and weave/knot to add further slats...( yes too many holes were drilled so i threaded them every other one instead so they weren't too close together!)

continue.. this part takes a whileee......

when both sides are done... add a handle :)

then, just add snow! :D


it works well :D

then... return to original shed.. in slightly different condition that in left this morning!


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