Friday, 8 January 2010

fresh fresh!


Sooooo...where do I start? I never know with these things so ... i'm just going to ramble!

I'm are you doing ?

Its a new year, just over a week in, yes...i am a little slow off the mark, but i intend to blog...

new year and a voyage of discovery somewhat.

 I mean to start a blog covering my deepest and lightest interests: pretty things,embracing smiles, making people laugh,pretty pictures, my dogs...lots of things ... among other topics. I can get silly, I can get serious; I'm mostly ridiculous.

I love to do little things to make people smile.. things perhaps they might not expect but interrupt their days with grins and warmth!

I'm on a voyage of self discovery somewhat. Things have been fairly tough for a few years now, but i've drawn a line..and i'm trying to walk into the wonderful places my imagination takes me rather than the nasty ones... no one wants to go there right?! Soo..i'm finding direction..discovering myself ....etc etc... and expect to be pretty much the only person that reads my little blog... but we'll see ! 

I hope you let me share my ridiculousness with you. But who knows? Let's see where this goes... :)

Most recently we've had a fair amount of snow in my neighbourhood. I was saddened when the kids in my street had made a snow man that some yobs decided to destroy... so i waited til sunset, and went outside and made them a little gift to wake up to..

it was supposed to be a snow angel... which, if i'm honest is nothing like how i planned it- and i think it looks a little ... demonic?! totally not my plan, but they liked it anyway... aaand the happiest part... they made it what they wanted...they used her to make colourful snowballs and threw them all around... was great to see them having fun... 

have you made snowmen lately ? do link me !

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